MacPhee’s Landscaping Services, located in Dutch Settlement NS (near Elmsdale), is a family owned business created out of necessity. In the mid 90’s, when Paul was working as a designer at a Halifax garden centre, he was having difficulty acquiring experienced landscapers to implement many of the designs he was completing. This was because many of the companies only wanted to take on BIG jobs. They were not interested in smaller backyard renovations. After many hands were thrown up in the air, he decided to start doing some smaller installations himself, with great success. The ball was rolling and the business started to grow, eventually relocating to Dutch Settlement and taking on much larger jobs as well.

At present, MacPhee’s Landscaping has five seasonal staff plus an office administrator. We can tackle most any landscaping project. We have two crews, one for installation and one dedicated to property maintenance. We have all the right tools and equipment for the jobs we do and we keep customer service at the forefront.